6-8 Weeks Absence of Neymar for Fractured Fifth Metatarsal

The manager of Neymar’s – his father estimate that Neymar will miss six to eight weeks competition for club Paris-Saint Germain (PSG) and exclude any opportunity to play for Real Madrid next week. The footballer of Brazil national football team, playing for PSG now, has suffered severe fracture on his fifth metatarsal and sprained his football in the previous win over Marseille. However, the coach Unai Emery says he have no idea about whether Neymar will have an operation earlier this week.

Neymar’s manager, his father, declared that it is impossible to return to football pitch in short time, though the club PSG hope the competent footballer could play the critical Champions League against Real Madrid next week. And Neymar Sr also said PSG already knew this news on Neymar’s six to eight weeks absence. In the following six to eight weeks, the star player need to treat his injuries carefully and to avoid the dangerous activities, which may cause fracture in the future. Certainly, he was ruled out of the football match against Real Madrid. It is ridiculous in case one thinks otherwise.

The football club PSG and footballer himself are waiting for the arriving of Brazilian medical group, discussing the feasibility and possibility of a surgery. Neymar and his father are waiting PSG to decide whether to perform a surgery or not after receiving suggestions from doctors. They also indicated that they will not disturb the decision of doctors’, because they have not experiences and much knowledge about medical treatment. It’s up to doctors to make a decision. Source also revealed that Neymar and team serving for him have to wait for PSG’s decision. The club PSG own the right to make a final decision in the surgery, and now they are waiting assessment from Brazilian doctors.

Rodrigo Lasmar, a doctor of Brazil national football team, confirmed the news earlier this week, confirming his agenda to Paris for the star football player. Edu Gaspar, a coordinator of national football teams, claimed there is a good relationship between Brazil federation and PSG’s treatment. He added that they will obey the decision made by PSG. In early time, someone who know about the footballer and club PSG claimed that Neymar is unwilling to play football games with painkillers in case it was the only method to return to football pitch. He tried to avoid any possibility to increase the risk of the injury for fear of severer injuries.

Sources also added that Neymar will spare no efforts to play football games against Real Madrid, cherishing the rest of the season with PSG and the opportunity playing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup with Brazil national football team. Many persons closed to Neymar hope he can accept a surgery as soon as possible in case the surgery could be avoided. Most people worried that more severe injuries will threat his opportunity to play the forthcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup with Brazil in Russia.

Uncertain Futur for Unai Emery at Paris-Saint Germain

Due to the 2-1 defeat after several defeats against Real Madrid in the second leg of their Champions League, a footballer Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain hints that Unai Emery’s is not certain for poor performances. Most leaders and some excellent footballers of Ligue 1 assembled at Parc des Princes on Saturday to discuss something important. The French footballer claimed that the fate of Unai Emery’s managerial career was gripped in the hands of PSG’s leaders. Mbappe says he has no idea about the final consequence for lack of decisive rights. In spite of approving or disapproving attitudes from PSG’s leaders, Kylian Mbappe believed that the coach Unai Emery is an excellent coach for them. At that moment, it’s turn to PSG’s leaders to decide to save or sack the coach, replacing him with another competent and excellent footballer.

For the dissatisfying 3-1 first leg away loss at the Santiago Bernabeu, Kylian Mbappe could understand disappointment from many football fans. Besides, Mbappe was disappointed with previous defeats, too. The experience is cherished lessons for him. Former Monaco man said that it is simple to solve the problem, namely finding reasons from the overwhelming defeats.

Prior to the second leg of the important competition, the club PSG knew the matter having been lost, but some things also proved their deficiencies. It was time to take pains to work hard and improve their ability to avoid being eliminated. For the importance of the competition, they need to rectify the mistake rather than repeat the mistake season after season.

Although the footballer Mbappe believed that they performed as well as they have done in the game against Real Madrid in midweek, eminent footballers under direction of Zinedine Zidane are superior to those of PSG’s in mentality. The guy wearing No. 29 jersey says that they performed well as they could. Everyone of their team aspires to the winning. From the game, Real Madrid showed us the discrepancies between top-class football players in PSG football kits and champions.

For the sake of his sub-par performances in recent football matches, Kylian Mbappe admitted his bad status and the Champions League exit was a beat for him. Nevertheless, he promised to finish the season with a best consequence without undermine their strength ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. At the same time, Emery says that it is critical to win the following football games and finding winning methods. They also need to improve their overall ability.

The young footballer Christopher Nkunku have netted two goals against Metz, and Thomas Meunier and Mbappe also contributed to the win in the first half of the football game ahead of positive consequence. The 20-year-old Nkunku netted three goals only in two football matches after being given a starting berth by Emery.

The young footballer Timothy Weah, an excellent football player of the United States national football team have played 20 minutes for the Ligue 1 side after accomplished his debut last week.

Supporting to Neymar’s Return from Ivan Rakitic

Ivan Rakitic expressed his attitudes towards Neymar’s returning to club Barcelona. For a large sum of transfer fee, Neymar moved to football club Paris-Saint Germain (PSG) from Barcelona last year. Source hints that the guy would like to return to club Barcelona after it was eliminated from the Champions League in recent days. Although the news was denied by the coach Ernesto Valverde on Friday, Rakitic expressed his joy to this matter. He will be glad to welcome Neymar’s return. He will provide helping hand to Neymar in case PSG’s Neymar intended to come back. After scoring 11 points clear at the top of La Liga, Rakitic claimed his ideas to media openly.

He also explained his reasons for the matter. It was Neymar’s playing style rather than private relations that I feel better if he came back to club Barcelona. Ahead of joining in PSG, Neymar played for club Barcelona for four years, rumoring various speculation about his football playing career. Some indicated that the football club giant Real Madrid already contacted with the manager of Neymar’s, and said they would like to sign Neymar for €400m.

Although Real Madrid’s coach tried to avoid problems involving a football player working for another football club, he hints the price will be entirely enough to sign the excellent football player. At the same time, some media claimed that they have received relevant information about Neymar’s transferring to Real Madrid. He would like to leave for Real Madrid from PSG as soon as possible. Due to fractured bone, Neymar went back to Brazil to recover from severe injuries. The negative consequence forces him to miss the loss, and transfer to Real Madrid in Champions League.

PSG’s attitude towards this matter also confirmed the possibility of his transferring to Real Madrid rather than playing for club Barcelona again for the season. The most important reason for the potential transfer lies to his unique football playing style, which is suitable for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

After looking at one of the most famous footballers, let’s turned our eyes to the Italy side – the forever captain Fiorentina. In spite of chilling whether and crowded human traffic, thousands of people have tied Fiorentina scarves to show their mourning and respects. From the construction of the church to now, there is more than seven hundred years. Florence earned a place in the old city’s church. Many secular saints are canonized in Santa Croce. Many funerals of famous persons had been held in the place, such as Michelangelo, Galileo and Machiavelli. At 10 a.m., the white hearse of the famous football captain Davide Astori was stopped at the football of the church’s solemn marble stairs.

Numerous die-hard football fans and citizens pressed for the great football captain Davide Astori against roadblock with their removing their scarves and raising them over their heads. We can see even some people were wiping tears from their eyes. Although there are a large quantity of people there, they kept silent except for showing appreciation to the famous football player.